As a yoga teacher and coach I have the tools to add extra potential to your meetings and events. I have created a program for increasing focus and team spirit. Before and also during your meeting or event.

We often come from different settings and situations in our lifes, we jump in to the conference room and we sit down. The meetings starts. It starts with everyone in the room being in different mental and emotional stage. My work is to align the group.

I work with yoga movements, breathing, short meditations and other tools to align the energy of the group. And to provide a space where you all can meet. A space for your meeting or event, with focus and high team spirit, with joy and excitment for the task.

I create space for you to achieve your goals and to be fabulous.

I work in both swedish and english. If you have any questions or thoughts please let me know. You can find me at or at +46 (0) 704 36 38 84.