Yoga have change my life. It was my first step towards self realization and personal development. When I was about 9 or 10 years old, visiting my family in Poland, I got a yoga book from one of my closest family members. He sat down and told me about meditation, about yoga and about how it helped him in his life. Still very young I didn’t fully understand it all, but I knew. I knew that there is something there. So I brought the book with me home to Sweden, and I started to do yoga on my own from looking in the book. That is how my spiriutual journey began.

I hold space for healing and self awarness with the help of meditations and soft movements with the aim of connecting you with your breath, body, mind and soul.

I work with the focus on our breath and these masterclasses are about finding your own rythm, truth and inner voice.


Infinite Yoga Malmö
Address: Gustav Adolfs torg 43
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Create Your Greatest Life – Sharing Circle
A sharing circle with the support of coaching, reiki healing and yoga movement to let go, heal and welcome ease into the body, mind and soul.

Tuesdays 17.30-19.00
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Luxyoga – healing with yin & singing crystal bowls
A relaxing and soft yin yoga class with soothing movements, breahing and meditations. We finish of the class with a deep reiki healing meditation with the sound of healing crystal bowls playing in the background.

Sundays: 16.30-17.30
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