These Workshops & Masterclasses are exemples of my work and focus on bringing flow and abundance into peoples lives, or to just help taking the next step into self care and personal development.

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Sharing Circle 

Self Care – Create Your Greatest Life

Create Your Greatest Life – Sharing Circle a  course created to awaken your fullest potential. With yoga, meditations, healing, coaching and exercises we go deep within ourself to view and awaken our true inner power and to connect with our higest self.

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We work together to start the flow of energy in the aspects of your life where you feel stuck. We do it in a group to support and help each other, but also to get the momentum of energy going. When energy is stuck there is no movement. By meditation, visualisation and writing excersises we start to move energy around and move together into a flow of energy and abundance.


Energyworks & healing

A class in two parts & levels for anyone who wants to go deeper within the work of energies, healing and spiritual connection. We learn about energy fields, different ways to tap into the world around us that we can’t see but that we feel, meditations to open and close the gate between those two, how to interpret what is what and messages we receive, and so much more.


Self Love Yin Yoga with REIKI HEALING MEDITATION & Singing Crystal Bowls

Masterclass with slow flow and yin yoga to connect with your inner self and awaken your parasymatic nervous system as a preparation for a deep Reiki healing meditation. We also do some Breathwork to release whatever we need to release and let go of to be able to go deep into the meditation in the end of the class. The meditation is done with the help of the loving energy of Reiki that allow us to go deep into our core and essence of being and to see, feel, and get exactly what we need here and now in our personal and spiritual growth.

The class is accompanied  by Singing Crystal Bowls for deeper healing, soothing and beautiful sounds of the higher frequencies it creates. The bowls frequencies work on a deeper level with the Root chakra, Solar Plexus and Throat chakra and help you connect with you.


Breathwork – Healing Emotional Trauma

A Breathwork class for deeper connection and release of energy and blockage we no longer need. By breathing i circles, in a specific way we raise our frequency and fill up the body with oxygen which creates a release of both physical and emotional nature.