Reiki Healing

Reiki is Japanese energy method for stress reduction, deep relaxation and healing. It’s an amazing tool wether you have tension, pain, physical or emotional blockages and inconveniences.

You can also come for a relaxing treatment, a chakra balance or for the deep meditative relaxation. I can give Reiki with or without spiritual guidance and information. You choose if you want a silent reiki treatment for relaxation and healing, or if you prefer me to share what guidance that comes to me. With information and messages from spirits you can heal deeper and receive more insights and awarness of your situation.

As a Karuna Reiki Master Holy Fire II, I’m available for individual treatments as well as group sessions and courses (se below).


You find me and my treatments at Infinite Yoga Malmö, Gustav Adolfs torg 43, in the heart of Malmö.

Reiki Healing Session – deep relaxation 60 min 
Deep relaxation where you RECEIVE exactly what you need here and now. During a deep rest and silence your body can get into a meditative and receiving place where you can let go and surrender to the healing energy with full trust and let it guide you, and heal physical, mental and/or emotional conditions and patterns.

Reiki Healing Session – with Spiritual Guidance 60 min
A deep relaxation, where I during and after the treatment will share what I see, hear and feel. Information and messages that come through the Reikienergy, that are meant for you and can give you more clarity, insights and guidance meant for you and what you’re going through right here and now.

Reiki Healing Session – Chakra Balancing 60 min
A deep relaxation, where I connect to the energy of your different chakras and the condition of the energy of them. It can be that we decide to go in and heal obstacles, that we find. Or that you receive information about how to change certain aspects, behaviors, life choices,  to be able to balance them out yourself. Often it’s a combination of balancing and healing the energy of the chakras during the treatment, and the work you do at home afterwards.


All treatments are 60 minutes, for a 90 minutes treatments the price is 1 600 SEK (especially good if you’re interested in combining Holistic Life Coaching and Reiki healing in one session).

60 min 1200 SEK
90 min 1600 SEK

OFFER: first time

Book-an-appointment-first-time 1080 SEK (normal price 1200 SEK)


SMALL card – 3 times – 3240 SEK (normal price 3600 SEK)
MEDIUM card – 5 times – 5100 SEK (normal price  6000 SEK)
LARGE card – 10 times – 9600 SEK (normal price 12 000 SEK)


For more information, questions and bookings contact me at or at +46 (0) 704 36 38 84 or press “boka tid” below to go directly to and book your spot there.

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