Intuitive Life Coaching

Coaching with the purpose of realising your inner power. You’re leading the process, I’m asking questions to awaken the power within you. We focus entirely on you and the answers that come from within. The process is yours and I follow you. I ask questions to create awareness and reflection, and to help you move forward in the direction you want.

We work with a goal, which you choose. It can be something within your career, relationships, to find life goals, get tools to break old habits or patterns and so on. It can be about anything that can feel uncomfortable. Maybe you have a big presentation coming up and you don’t understand why your’re so nervous or you feel sadness but don’t really know what the cause of it is. All of that can be found in coaching. The process is yours and if you allow you can acheive anything you want.


You find me and my treatments at Infinite Yoga Malmö, Gustav Adolfs torg 43, in the heart of Malmö.


For more information, questions and bookings contact me at or at +46 (0) 704 36 38 84 or press “boka tid” below to go directly to and book your spot there.

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