A gentle heart meditation for calm and ease

A heartmeditation for the body, mind and soul. This is a calming, heartopening meditation which you can do when you feel lost, or need to connect and find peace in your heart. It’s perfect to do when the world is spinning and you need to find peace in a certain situation or relationship. I do it once in a while and it always gets me back on track. If I’m stressed I easily loose my way, and then I sit down and do this to be able to find the connection again. It grounds me in my current situation and also it fills me up with a feeling of peace, trust and gratitude. Going through a divorce recently and managing two small kids and at the same time starting up a new business can be demanding. A lot of people tell me that I’m strong and brave, but actually I do not feel that I am. I just keep going. But I do focus on the moment, and when I feel lost I do everything I can to trust again. To know that everything that is happening is happening for a reason. Try this out and you’ll know what I mean.

  • Start with creating some space for yourself, make sure you have 15-20 minutes to do this and find a quit place where you can relax into the meditation. If you like, put on some relaxing gentle music in the background.
  • Place your hands behind you, slowly look up and back, and gently and with ease push your chest up. Open up your chest as much as you can. Take a couple of breaths here before you slowly come back.
  • Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take a couple of deep breaths. Fill your lungs with air. Then continue to breath down to your stomach, all the way down to your root chakra. Continue for a couple of minutes. Then gently shift your focus to your heart. Fill it up with love, compassion and affection. Connect to the frequency. You can even place your hands on your heart to help your mind to focus. Sit here for a while. Continue breathing. And focus on the feeling of love and compassion.
  • Think of a person who you love. A person that makes you happy. Who fills you up. A person you’re grateful for having in your life. Send them love and affection. Focus on the feeling of sending love to them. Wish them well. Sit here for a couple of minutes and feel the connection and the feeling of gratitude.
  • Think of a person with who you don’t get along with. Someone you struggle with communicating. Someone that is challenging you. Send them love and affection. Open your heart up. Even if it feels like impossible or uncomfortable, send them love and compassion. Continue breathing deeply. Sit here for a couple of minutes. Focus.
  • Finish the meditation by just breathing. You can lay down in savasana and relax your body to the sides, letting your whole essence relax. Relax your body and mind. Stay here for a couple of minutes before you continue with your day.

This mediation allows you to open your heart up. To go beyond your boundaries of what you think is possible. And also to connect to the highest vibrations of love and gratitude. What you give, is what you receive. If you’ll open up your heart to other, people will open up their hearts to you.


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