Yogaheartcoaching provides tools and support in the process of reaching your full potential. Whether I work with individuals or groups the focus is to discover how powerful you are, and how to use it fully to achieve your goal. It’s your process, and I’m here to support you being fabulous.






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Reiki Healing Courses : all levels of REIKI USUI HOLY FIRE III


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My treatments are designed to awaken your inner power and strength. To heal old wounds, remove what is holding you back and to let you live your life with full potential and without any physical, mental or emotional obstacles.


Welcome to book your privat session. Choose from visiting me in Malmö at Infinite Yoga Malmö, Gustav Adolfs torg 43, or to connect with me on the phone or skype.




For more information, questions and bookings contact me at or at +46 (0) 704 36 38 84 or press “boka tid” below to go directly to and book your spot there.

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Upcoming events

SELF CARE – SHARING CIRCLE – 8 weeks course

Self Care – Create Your Greatest Life – Sharing Circle is a 8 weeks course created to awaken your fullest potential. The first step to change the things we want and dream of in life is to become aware of what is blocking us from it, and that means a strong connection to yourself.

With yoga, meditations, healing, coaching and exercises we go deep within ourself to view and awaken our true inner power and to connect with our higest self.

Ongoing (FULLY BOOKED) 8 weeks course at Infinite Yoga Malmö – next one starts in January 2020


To reserve your spot or if you have any questions, send me an email at or at +46 (0) 704 36 38 84.


As a Karuna Reiki Master Usui Holy Fire II, my Reiki courses are thaught according to the international guidelines of Reiki teachings with the course material written by William Lee Rand.

Reiki I&II Usui Holy Fire III – 20-21 of October at Infinite Yoga Malmö (FULLY BOOKED)

Reiki I&II Usui Holy Fire III – 6-8th of December at Infinite Yoga Malmö

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It was in the middle of the night when I suddenly woke up from a dream. I was sweating, my body was shaking, and I could feel my heart beating out of my chest. I’d never felt anything like this before. I got scared noticing my mind racing to dark and uncomfortable places. Being a yoga teacher, I often practice and work with my breath…

The Blessings of Reiki Usui Holy Fire II Reiki is an Japanese energy method for stress reduction, deep relaxation and healing. It’s an amazing tool regardless you have tension, pain, physical or emotional blockages and inconveniences. My journey with Reiki started a little over a year ago and I can’t be more grateful for it’s gift and power. Here’s a piece of my story…

A gentle heart meditation for calm and ease A heartmeditation for the body, mind and soul. This is a calming, heartopening meditation which you can do when you feel lost, or need to connect and find peace in your heart. It’s perfect to do when the world is spinning and you need to find peace in a certain situation or relationship. I do it once in a while and…

Perfect snack for a slow afternoon We’ve all had afternoon when we just don’t want to do anything else than take a good long nap. Unfortunately we don’t always have the opportunitie to be able to do so. Slow afternoons aquire some good snacks. I love to prepare healthy snacks and place them in my fridge for later, and occasions like this. Take your favorite veggies…

Delicious vegan mayo Vegan mayonnaise made from the water of chickpeas. Delicious as it is, or use it as a base for aioli, just add some garlic to it, or add sambal oelek for a spicy alternative. It’s so good with fried vegetable or make your own pommes frites in the oven and use the mayo as a dip. Vegan mayo recepie…